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Deluxe Cedar Valet


Look your best with this handy shoe shine kit. Has a built-in foot rest that doubles as a carrying handle for easy transport.

Kit contains:
1 Shoe polish black
1 Shoe polish brown
2 Polishing cloth
2 Dauber sponges
2 Shine brushes
1 5” Shoe horn
1 Premium Natural Aromatic Cedar Valet

Cedar Shoe Trees - Split Toe With Hook Heel

These shoe trees are designed with a combination of hook heel and expandable split toe and feature brass-plated metal hardware that adds an elegant touch. They are ideal for all styles of footwear and make a great gift.

Cedar Shoe Trees - Solid Toe, Men's - One Size Fits All


The solid toe design prevents cave-in and wrinkling of footwear. Brass-plated metal hardware adds an elegant touch.

Cedar Shoe Trees - Split Toe with Shot Gun Heel

This split-toe design features a spreader plate that adjusts to accommodate the widest range of shoe widths. Featuring brass-plated metal hardware and a shot-gun heel.

Cedar Pant Hanger- 3 Pack


Made with 100% aromatic red cedar. Ergonomically designed to hold the shape of garments. The cedar scent helps protect from moths and insects while infusing your closet with a fragrant cedar aroma.

Deluxe Cedar Hanger


Made with 100% aromatic red cedar. Ergonomically designed to hold the shape of garments and to protect from moths and insects.

Cedar Hang-Up


Hang this handy pest repellant in any closet or closed in area where you store clothing, linens, or blankets. Renew the potency of your cedar hang-up annually by gently sanding the wood surface with fine sandpaper.

Cedar Shoe Fresh Insert


Aromatic cedar chips packed in a breathable cotton bag to absorb moisture up to twice their weight. Perfect for athletic or casual shoes. One size fits all.

Cedar Scented Blocks - 8 Pack


Helps protect garments from moths and other insects, while adding a fresh aroma. Great for storage in drawers, containers and closets.

Cedar Scented Gift Pack


Use these unique cedar items to effectively protect against moths and other insects in closets and drawers. They provide long lasting fresh cedar aroma.

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