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Salt Remover Aerosol - 300 g


Removes salt stains quickly and easily. New revolutionary aerosol formula. Use on leather shoes, boots and pant cuffs. Directions: Remove surface dirt and dust. Hold can upside down and generously spray area with salt stain until a thick foam develops. Let stand for 5-10 minutes to allow the foam to penetrate and loosen the salt stain. Use a clean cloth to remove residue and foam from treated area. For tougher stains, a second coat may be required. Do not use on suede or sheepskin.

Salt Stain Remover - 177 mL


Removes salt stains from all fabric and leather footwear and garments.

Winter Wipes 16/pk


Effectively removes salt stains and dirt on leather and suede.

Each pack of Moneysworth & Best’s wipes contains 16 wipes made with natural ingredients and are 100% biodegradable. They are quick and easy to use. Great for travel, each pack is small and will fit in any style of bag. Each wipe is soft textured and fresh scented.

Shoe Wipes 14/pk


Quickly and effectively removes dirt and scuff marks from genuine and synthetic leather, canvas, nylon and vinyl. For use on footwear and accessories. Raised dots for scrubbing.

Cleaner (Shoe Shampoo) - Aerosol - 260 g / 9 oz.


Same amazing product! New look and name.

A great way to clean canvas, leather, nylon, and vinyl. Contains soil guard to help footwear stay clean longer. User friendly packaging combines brush in cap for one step cleaning. Ideal for both dress and athletic shoes.

Professional Polishing Cloth

Moneysworth & Best's polishing cloths are constructed from quality fibers, which ensure a lint free, high gloss finish every time. Machine washable.

Leather Preparer - 100 mL


Prepares surfaces for leather re-dying application.

Leather Cleaner - 118 mL


Cleans, conditions and polishes fine leather shoes, handbags, and accessories. Nourishes, conditions and preserves leather’s natural look and supple beauty.

Saddle Soap - Tub - 125G / 4 Oz.


Cleans and renews all genuine and man-made oil tanned leathers by removing trapped dirt and replenishing natural oils. Leaves leather supple and smelling fresh.

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