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Cleaner (Shoe Shampoo)

Cleaner (Shoe Shampoo)

Same amazing product! New look and name. A great way to clean canvas, leather, nylon, and vinyl. Contains soil guard to help footwear stay clean longer. User friendly packaging combines brush in cap for one step cleaning. Ideal for both dress and athletic shoes.

Code Size
26600 260 g / 9 oz
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DIRECTIONS: Test first on a small inconspicuous area for colour fastness. Shake can well. Remove the brush cap to reveal nozzle. Hold 6 cm away from article surface and spray liberally over area to be cleaned. Replace the brush cap and work in the shampoo to help lift ground in dirt. For delicate leather, suede, or other soft materials, use a cloth instead of brush cap to help preserve surface. Blot excess shampoo with a clean cloth and allow the footwear to dry overnight before wearing. Refresh and deodorize with Moneysworth & Best Odour Stop™ Shoe & Boot Freshener.



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