Shoe Repair Supplies

A large assortment of quality supplies for the shoe repair industry including leather and rubber soles and sheets, adhesives, backroom supplies and shoe repair supplies.

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Shoe Stretch


Permanently stretches tight shoes while you walk. Good for all leathers. Special ingredient helps to prevent mildew. (Pump format)

Leather Preparer - 750 mL


Prepares surfaces for leather re-dying application.

Brillo Shoe Shine - 750 mL

Brillo Shoe Shine is an all natural product that provides a high gloss finish. Ideal for leather, vinyl, plastic, and other man-made leathers. No brushing or buffing required. Does not contain varnish or silicone, which cracks and yellows finish.

Salt Stain Remover


Removes salt stains quickly and easily.

Sheepskin Cleaner


Helps remove tough stains and provides a clean and bright look to delicate sheepskin footwear.

NCR Receipts - with M&B Logo


For M&B Franchise stores only.

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