Premium High Gloss Polish - 32G - Black

SKU: 22219
Contains the right about of stain with a blend of high quality, all-natural waxes to nourish and protect leather. It produces a long lasting, high gloss finish. Great for leather dress, military and other uniformed services shoes and boots. Made in Spain.
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Emu Bolzano Half Sole - Size 2


Solid rubber men’s and lady half sole. 1.8mm thickness. Classic ribbed slip resistance M&B design. This product is characterized by excellent abrasion resistance and is extremely easy to stick. This M&B compound is already roughed.

Shoe Cream Kit w/Applicator - 50 mL (1.7 oz.)

Shoe creams are blended in small vats to exacting standards. Our creams combine the right amount of natural oils, waxes, lanolin and pigments to restore moisture to leather, while also providing a soft and natural shine after a light buff. Ideal for use on men’s and women’s smooth leather footwear and accessories. Built in sponge applicator. Made in E.U.
Note: Colours may vary slightly.

Shine Sponge

Pre-soaked shine sponge nourishes, cleans and shines in one easy step. Ideal for smooth leathers as well as man-made leathers. Excellent for footwear, boots, handbags, and briefcases. Restores colour and provides an instant shine in seconds. Quick and convenient, perfect for travel. High quality polish from Spain.