THE 3 main enemies to leather


Not caring for your shoes is the primary reason they don’t look great or last long

2. water

Expands the leather skin, stains, fades and dries out leather’s natural oils


Eats away at leather, dries it out and causes cracking

Harsh Canadian weather (rain, mud, snow, sleet and salted sidewalks) can cause permanent damage to your footwear.

Protection is key to preventing permanent damage to the footwear you love!

Pro-tex™ Water + Stain Protector is a fluoropolymer-based repellent that creates an invisible shield on your shoes. It guards against damage from rain, snow, mud, dirt, oils, sleet and salted sidewalks and keeps your feet feeling dry during your winter commute.

Use regularly to protect your investment and prolong the life of your footwear. Great for use on leather, suede, nubuck, sheepskin, canvas and fabric.

Made in Canada to protect against harsh Canadian winters

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